Biotronican Ecology

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Glen johnson exchangeofofferings

Detail of biotronican guard

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Detail of cerenoids positioning themselves at the gate.

Biotronican Ecology

This is part of a series outlining the ecology of biotronicans. This was my entry into the Turbosquid Dystopia/Utopia competition. It won 1st place! It’s about how even an advanced civilization will probably still in some ways have to tread a thin line between a utopia and a dystopia. Always making concessions to maintain stability. A possibly inescapable law of nature. The story depicted is about the biotronicans providing the cerenoids a seed that will grow into a new habitable land mass. The seeds will only grow if inseminated by the cerenoids. A law that was enacted many eons ago to establish ensured survival of both species after many centuries of conflict. If they could not survive without each other than they must coexist or become extinct.